Saturday, November 1, 2008

Election Day

While the world is excited about the historical election, a black prez or a female VP, I must admit I am a bit fearful. Not because Obama will win (yes he will, and by a landslide and no not by my vote...Ben Stein for POTUS) but because I get to work on election day in the city of Trenton. Oh there will be joyful noise in the city, the bars will be packed, gun play, a few fires, drive bys, walk bys, run bys, and thats when Obama wins. I'd hate to think what it would be like if he loses. I'm calling out.


Gigi said...

You are paranoid, too. :) Let's hope for a peaceful day, no matter the outcome.

Gigi said...

How was your night?

Rider said...

The day was business as usual, the night shift however came in exhausted from an unusually busy night, the violence meter was normal though. Proud of the people for keeping the sanity.