Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frost on the Windshield Remix

I'm always late to. No matter how many deals I make with myself I just can't drag my ass out of bed. I hate getting up at 5:15, I usually don't remember my ride to work (1 hour) and I roll in on the dot or at 2 after. Thank God it usually doesn't matter the way our unit is set up, but when I am early my co-workers usually put me to bed and take my temperature. Now its getting cold, so I REALLY hate getting out of bed, out of my warm clothes to shower and change, gosebumps as big as the Denali, my nips as big as flag poles and of course the complementary shrinkage of the nether region (God definately was not fair on that reaction, can I get an AMEN ). Now that all of you are trying to wipe that visual out of your head. Anyhow, to make things worse, the Van window did it again, down no up. A while back, it just decided to go up after the failed shore trip, me and Patty and the girls, not so much Billy, prayed for devine mechanical intervention and walah it went up. Praise the Lord! While at church last week, I put the window down to talk to someone and there she sat at the bottom of the window well. My tithe must have been short. Patty was laughing at me because I was leaning in with my head on the heat vent while driving cause it was getting cold. Now its really cold, so I'm not driving the Van until summer, unless God the mechanic come back to fix it.